Scholarships and Financial Aid

It truly does pay to search and apply for scholarships! There are tons of scholarships to search on the internet. Below are just a few to help get you started. Remember, you should never pay to apply for a scholarship.

Local Scholarships

Please click the links below to learn more about what local scholarships you qualify for.  Then click the scholarship application link to complete the form.  Please type out the application and print it.  Local scholarship deadline is March 22, 2019.  Make sure to download the application and save the scholarship form before typing any information on it.  Once completed, print it out. 


Kansas and Regional Scholarships

Click the link below to learn about a few Kansas and Regional Scholarships that are available.

Kansas Board of Regents Scholarships & Grants

Go College Scholarships

National Scholarship Searches

The links below are national scholarship websites where students can type in their demographic information and a list of scholarships pop up.



Financial Aid


Financial aid can help you afford college! In fact, most full-time college students receive some type of financial aid. While financial aid might help reduce the cost, remember college is NOT FREE! Students and their families are expected to contribute. Calculate Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

Federal Student Aid Resources and Publications

  1. FSA ID Frequently Asked Questions
  2. FAFSA on the Web Worksheet
  3. Federal Student Aid at a Glance
  4. Financial Aid and Undocumented Students
  5. Federal Student Loan Programs